Biometric Permission

All new pupils are given a form for parents to sign which gives permission for us to scan their finger print. This gives each pupil access to an electronic account where you can upload money for your child to buy food at break and lunchtime. The same biometric print is used for photocopying and electronic registration for sixth form pupils.



Pupils are able to purchase food at breakfast, break and lunch using our cashless system.  The food is paid for from their electronic account so that cash is not needed at the till point.  Pupils entitled to free school meals will have their daily amount credited to their account each day.  The electronic account can be topped up online using the ParentPay website.  Cash can also be used to top up the account by inserting coins and / or notes in to a revaluation unit situated at our Pupil Services area.



There are fingerprint readers installed on printers around the academy.  Pupils use these to print documents that have requested.



Sixth form pupils have more flexible timetables and are able to enter and leave the Academy during the day.  Fingerprint readers are used to register their attendance as they come and go.



ParentPay is an online service that allows credit to added to pupils cashless accounts.  Money in the electronic account can be used to pay for educational trips and visits as well as for purchases from the Dining Hall.  The ParentPay website can be found at  or by clicking on the ParentPay logo.


If you are having problems with your ParentPay account, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send an e-mail.