18th September 2019
Area Focus Learning
Year 6 Technology and the Arts Various
Year 7 Staying Safe

- Internet Safety

- Bullying

- Mental Health & Wellbeing

- Restorative Approaches

Year 8 Jurassic Coast Visit Coasts, Environment visit and beach tidy
Year 9 Perfonal Finance Managing money
Year 10

Helping Others

Active Citizenship

- Homelessness

- Volunteering

- Knife Crime

- Challenging viewpoints - Racism, sexism

Year 11 Study Skills Learning to Learn - Black Folder Day and revision techniques
Year 12 CVs and Letter Writing Preparing for Work Experience.  Writing to potential employers, making contacts
Year 13 Personal Statements UCAS applications
6th February 2020
Area Focus Learning
Year 5 Science & Technology STEM
Year 7 Voice in a Million Rehearsals Singing
Year 8 Etiquette Day

- Modern manners and emotional intelligence

- Dining etiquette and table manners

- Confident conversation

- Meeting new people and introductions

- Deportment,poise and posture

- Written correspondence and Netiquette

Year 9 London Visit

Art - Art Gallery visit

Technology - Design Museum

Year 10 Mock Interviews Preparing for Work Experience and the world of work
Year 11 Mock Exams  
Year 12

Mock Interviews

* Practical Cookery Day

Preparing for Work Experience and the world of work

* Additional guided learning hours for the course

Year 13 Personal Finance  
18th March 2020   
Area Focus Learning
Year 4 Various Various
Year 7 Voice in a Million - Wembley Arena Singing
Year 8 Introduction to Coding Computer Science
Year 9 Environment - Garden Project

- Growing foods to eat and share

- Cultivating the land - Field to plate

Year 10 Speaking & Listening Speaking & Listening assessments

Year 11


 History Visit Case Study

Year 11


Geography Pre-exam prep
Year 12 Relationships and sex at S6C Positive relationships and sexual health
Year 13 Directed Study
6th July 2020   
Area Focus Learning
Year 5 Sport & Fitness Sport & Fitness
Year 7 Aspirations Day Career awareness
Year 8 The Big Camp prep

Preparing Camp - setting up a tent, loading minibus

The Big Camp - Food preparation

Year 9

Environment - Garden Project

Young Enterprise

Reaping what we sow

Young Enterprise Day - Jam making, chutneys etc.

Year 10 Stourhead Visit Art and Photography
Year 12 PSHCE / CEAIG Carousel