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Welcome to Sarum Academy. As the Headteacher I am both delighted and immensely proud to lead the Academy as we strive for excellence.

Our singular aim is to enable young people to become highly skilled, confident, articulate young adults, well placed to succeed in further education and employment, and emerge as active members of the community.

In achieving this we aim to support the intellectual, emotional and personal development of all of our pupils. In practice this means providing them with the literacy, numeracy, practical and problem solving skills necessary in gaining the highest possible academic qualifications, and in providing the very best personal, social, health and citizenship education, alongside the highest quality pastoral support.


The curriculum allows all pupils the opportunity to develop their talents and skills and discover new interests; opportunities that will stretch and challenge their capacity to think for themselves, develop their confidence and provide them with a safe environment in which they can a step outside of their comfort zone.

A strong partnership with young people and their families is the lifeblood of a warm and happy school, knowing together we can build the foundation of a successful and boundless future for the pupils we serve.

We are a happy school, one where pupils feel nurtured and challenged, one that values all members of the community and our growing success and reputation is built on professionalism and the strong partnership of pupils, staff, parents, governors and schools within the Salisbury learning community. 

If you would like to see what’s on offer, I promise you’ll be impressed, following the link.  Parent Tour


Mr Jonathan Curtis


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