Welcome to Sarum Academy.  Sarum Academy is a Church of England School founded in 2010 delivering high quality education to pupils aged 11-19 years.  The Academy is a member of the Magna Learning Partnership Academy Trust.

“Rigorous assessment, consistent systems and high-quality teaching mean that pupils enjoy learning and succeed.” – SIAMS Report 2019

Sarum Academy is an ambitious school which celebrates excellence, nurtures creativity and engenders social responsibility.  We work with all pupils in helping each child to think big, work hard, exceed their ambitions and in doing so be the person God created them to be.

“Relationships between teachers and pupils are strong and this contributes to a very positive learning environment”. – OfSTED 2017



What makes our school different is the care we afford every member of our Academy.  Relationships founded on trust and respect are the lifeblood of our warm and happy school, this is why we care for one another, this is why our pupils achieve more than they think possible.

“Staff and pupils flourish because they are valued” – SIAMS Report 2019

As a Church of England School our ethos is underpinned by Christian values and principles and embraces the Church of England vision for young people, a vision of ‘human flourishing for all’.  The four basic elements of wisdom, hope, community and dignity are reflected in our values of respect, aspiration, excellence, service, tenacity and partnership. 

“Pupils and staff are living ‘life in all its fullness’ at Sarum Academy” – SIAMS Report 2019



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6th Form Open Evenings



Sarum Academy pupils leave the school as young adults, successful and thoughtful, and we are proud of each and every one of them and the contributions them make.
“Pupils’ lives are being transformed by their experience of being at Sarum Academy” - SIAMS Report 2019

Transport NewsSarum Minibus  

Sarum Academy is becoming the first choice of more and more learners across Wiltshire and to help make sure pupils can get to us easily we are now putting on a 2nd mini-bus shuttle.

This brand new bus will be picking up pupils from Wilton Garden Centre, Quidhampton, Netherhampton, Upper Street, Middle Street, Lower Street, Harnham Croft, Newbridge Street, Quakers Reading Room and UTC. (Shuttle2)

The existing bus picks up pupils in Amesbury, the Winterbournes, Longhedge, Old Sarum, and Stratford-Sub-Castle. (Shuttle 1)

If you are interested in the either bus services please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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