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Curriculum Plan


Key Stage 3

Learning Aims (Detailed assessment framework)

  • Religious beliefs and teachings
  • Religious practices and ways of life
  • Sources of wisdom and authority in religion
  • The influence of religion on individuals, communities and societies
  • Differing religious and non-religious views


Key Stage 4

Examination Board :  


Assessment Requirements:
There are no coursework requirements for this course. Pupils will take two examinations at the end of Year 11 in which they must answer questions requiring answers of varying lengths worth from the range of topics studied. Both examinations last 1¾ hours.


Pupils will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Recall, select, organise and deploy knowledge of the specific content and vocabulary
  • Describe, analyse and explain the relevance and application of Christianity and one other religion
  • Evaluate different responses to religious and moral issues, using relevant evidence, specific vocabulary and argument


Course Outline:

The first paper is intended to be accessible to candidates of any religious persuasion or none and provides a broad structure for the study of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Buddhism in detail.

The second paper relates to the study of Ethics; themes will include Relationships and Families within Christianity and Buddhism.


Home learning is set according to the Home Learning Policy. This could be in the form of research, worksheets, bringing in articles from newspapers or answering practice examination questions.



Revision booklets will be available to purchase throughout the course.

Career Opportunities:
Therapy, Journalism, Retail, Social work, Librarian, Nursing, Radio and Television, Acting, Police Service, Armed Services and Teaching.

Extra-curricular activities relevant to this subject:
Staff will be available before/after school to assist pupils who need extra guidance and there will be booster sessions timetabled in the period leading up to the examination.