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Mrs. Middlehurst-Jones

Team Leader


Key Stage 4

Examination Board :  AQA Logo


Assessment Requirements:

Examination 40%
Coursework 60%

A practical exam where pupils will produce a set of final pieces using any media relevant to their project. A selection of project titles are given and pupils choose one to produce a book of preparatory work and planning ideas over a 12 week time frame, they then sit a 10 hour practical exam in which they complete their final piece/s.

A portfolio of work based photography projects, working on skills in Year 9 working towards longer in depth units of work over Year 10 and 11.


Course Outline:

This course is very hands on being assessed mainly through the completion of project based coursework. You will require a keen eye for art and photography, you will be working in digital photography making use of Photoshop editing software and other computer packages to help you to manipulate and develop your images.
The topics that may be covered include:

  • Skills – including depth of field and shutter speed
  • Portraiture
  • Surrealism
  • Documentary
  • Photo art and mixed media

You will build up skills through mini projects and skills workshops in Year 9 learning about your camera, photo shop and how to present work. Leading in to your own chosen themed projects at the latter end of Year 9 and in to Year 10. In Year 10 and 11 you will complete more units of work to show progressing and build on your skills; this will lead in to your exam unit which will be completed in the last four months of the course.


There is an expectation to be able to take photos out of school, and spend two hours a week working on your portfolio. You also need to have access to your own digital camera – the new specification needs to see evidence of camera usage not just phone photography.

Career Opportunities:
Photographer, teacher, CSI, criminal investigative photographer, travel photographer, journalist photographer, wedding photographer, events photographer, food photographer.

Extra-curricular activities relevant to this subject:
Enrichments, competitions, community work, workshops, trips and visits. Potential to work with professional photographers, photographer for events.