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Mr. Miller

Team Leader

  Mr. Gale  


Curriculum Plan


Key Stage 3

Learning Aims (Detailed assessment framework)

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Written communication
  • Chronology
  • Change and continuity
  • Significance
  • Cause and consequence
  • Evidence
  • Interpretation


Key Stage 4

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Assessment Requirements:
The History GCSE is assessed through two examinations of equal value (50%) for the GCSE. These two examinations are taken at the end of Year 11 and are both 1¾ hours long.


Course Outline:

Paper one consists of a period study with options including democracy and dictatorship. There is then a wider world context study which considers how there has been periods of conflict between east and west over a time frame of 50 - 100 years.
The second examination focuses on the growth of Britain; considering health, migration or power. The final part of the GCSE course looks at a period of Britain, where options include Norman England, Medieval England, Elizabethan England or Restoration of Britain.
Pupils will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the different periods studied
  • Explain historical events studied using second – order historical concepts
  • Evaluate and use sources to make substantiated judgements in the context of the time frame studied


Personal Skills:
Our approach to studying History is largely skills based, allowing you to develop crucial life skills. Expect to learn how to; investigate, research, analyse, evaluate, argue, formulate conclusions and communicate effectively. These transferable skills are an essential requirement of any individual with aspirations to attend sixth form, college and university or find work in a variety of professions.

Career Opportunities:
Employers are often more concerned with the grades you obtain as an indication of your ability and skills, rather than the specific subject of your study. GCSE History at Sarum Academy offers a diverse range of interesting, stimulating, challenging and educationally rich topics which lead to a well-established and meaningful qualification.

Higher Education:
History is a well-respected, traditional academic subject that is recognised as an excellent precursor to sixth form and for most university degree courses.