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Mrs. Middlehurst-Jones

Team Leader

  Mrs. Scott


Key Stage 3

Learning Aims (Detailed assessment framework)

  • Actively engage in the creative process in order to develop as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds
  • Develop creative, imaginative and intuitive capabilities when exploring and making images
  • Become confident in taking risks and learn from experience when exploring and experimenting with ideas, processes, media, materials and techniques
  • Develop critical understanding through investigative, analytical, experimental, practical, technical and expressive skills
  • Develop and refine ideas and proposals, personal outcomes or solutions with increasing independence
  • Acquire and develop technical skills through working with a broad range of media, materials, techniques, processes and technologies with purpose and intent
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design in historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures
  • Develop an awareness of the different roles and individual work practices evident in the production of art, craft and design in the creative and cultural industries
  • Develop an awareness of the purposes, intentions and functions of art, craft and design in a variety of contexts
  • Demonstrate safe working practices in art, craft and design.


Key Stage 4

Examination Board :  AQA Logo


Assessment Requirements:
Examination 40%

Coursework 60%

A practical exam where pupils will produce a set of final pieces using any media relevant to their project. A selection of project titles are given and pupils choose one to produce a book of preparatory work and planning ideas over a 12 week time frame, they then sit a 10 hour practical exam in which they complete their final piece/s
A portfolio of work based Art projects, working on skills in Year 9 working towards longer in depth units of work over Year 10 and 11.


Course Outline:

This course is very hands on and is assessed mainly through the completion of project based coursework. Pupils will require skills and an interest for art; they will work with various medias and have opportunities to try new skills like photography, sculpture, ceramics and painting.
Topics that may be covered include:

  • Basic art skills
  • Still life
  • Identity
  • Food
  • Different art genres

Pupils will work on a various range of skills in Year 9 building up a large portfolio of work. At the latter end of Year 9 and in to Year 10 they will start to work on more in depth and independent style of projects which will build on their skills and knowledge. This all will lead up to the units of work in Year 11 for their exam unit of work.


Pupils will need to spend two hours working on their portfolio each week. They will need an A3 folder/sketchbook and basic art equipment (some of which can be purchased through the department)

Career Opportunities:
Artist, Photographer, Teacher, Fashion Designer, Ceramicist, Web Designer, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Advertising and Media.

Extra-curricular activities relevant to this subject:
Enrichments, competitions, community work, workshops and trips and visits.