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At Sarum Academy we aim to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum which is designed to meet ever-changing needs in a technological world. We strive to provide a learning experience that is suited to a pupil’s individual needs.

The curriculum covers the range of subjects taught in lessons and all other learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Lessons are taught through 25 one hour blocks with a fortnightly timetable.


 459 Sept15th2017 Sarum Academy photo by Ash Mills Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

The timetable is structured to enable pupils to make the transition between primary and secondary school as smooth as possible.

In Key Stage three all pupils study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, RE (Religious Education), PE (Physical Education), Food Technology, Art, Music, PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Careers Education) and Creative Media.

Key Stage 3 Assessment

Sarum Academy has developed a new assessment framework for all subjects in years 7 and 8.

Click here to see the assessment framework


Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

Pupils at Sarum Academy follow a three year key stage 4.  This means that pupils follow a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, RE, PE and PSHCE.  At the end of year 8 pupils select other subjects one of which is either History or Geography.

Click here to view the Key Stage 4 Curriculum Booklet.

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What will my child be studying?

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Extended Learning Days

Extended Learning Days take place five times a year and on these days the normal timetable is suspended to allow the pupils to experience a range of different learning opportunities.

Pupils appreciated the opportunity to learn in different ways and to experience a range of new learning experiences.

Examples of activities the pupils will experience on Extended Learning Days:

Life at Work – Year 10

Alongside teaching staff and employees from Solent EBP, our pupils take part in a series of Careers and work related activities. Pupils learn how to create high quality CV’s, practice interview techniques and learn how they can develop qualities and skills to increase their chances of employability.

Forensics Day – Year 9

Pupils spend the day understanding and experiencing elements of Forensic Investigations with the Science and Psychology staff. With an enquiry to solve pupils test soil samples, use flame analysis to determine chemical traces, learn interview techniques and complete fingerprint testing to try and solve the crime scene.

Castles day – Year 7

Castles day involved pupils learning about the development of castles during the Norman period. Pupils were split into groups and each group assigned roles as defenders or attackers. The pupils constructed either elements of a 3D model of a castle or replicas of battering rams, siege towers and trebuchets. Pupils competed the day evaluating the designs.

White Hart Hospitality visit – Year 12

The aim of the visit was to give the Level 3 Hospitality pupils the opportunity to take part in customer service training and learn about the hotel staff development and training at the White Hart Hotel in Salisbury. Pupils were given a tour of the hotel to learn about the different job roles in the establishment which links directly to their assignment. Pupils also carried out a customer service survey of different types of establishments in Salisbury.


For more information about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Moore at the Academy.