Religious Studies

The Teaching of Religious Studies at Sarum Academy

Teaching and Learning about Christianity

At Sarum Academy Religious Studies is a compulsory subject for all pupils in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  Christianity is the majority study in Religious Studies.  Understanding Christianity as a living religion is the foundation of pupils’ Religious Education in schools.  It is important that this draws on the richness and diversity of Christian experience in the breadth of its Anglican and other denominational forms, and in the variety of worldwide forms.  The encounter is an open one which stems from and instils respect for different views and interpretations and in which real dialogue and education takes place. Pupils will be enabled to deepen their understanding of God as encountered and taught by Christians.

Teaching and learning about other faiths and world views

Church schools have a duty to foster an accurate and increasing understanding of world religions and world views.  As a result, pupils will gain greater insight into the world in which they are growing up. They will also be able to appreciate the faith of others and develop a deeper understanding of their own beliefs and practices. These outcomes must contribute to harmonious relationships within and between communities, promoting social inclusion and combating prejudice.  At GCSE pupils study Buddhism in addition to Christianity.

Dedicated curriculum time

In Key Stage 3 6% of time is dedicated to Religious Studies.  In Key Stage 4 10% of time is dedicated to Religious Studies.  All pupils in Key Stage 4 work towards a qualification in Religious Studies. 


The lead teacher of RS has specialist qualifications in RE.  All teachers teaching RS have good access to appropriate professional development.  RE has equal status with other core subjects in staffing and resourcing.

The right to withdraw from Religious Education

Any parent has a right to withdraw their children from religious education (RE). If a parent asks for their child to be wholly or partly excused from attending any RE at the school the school must comply unless the request is withdrawn.  The school remains responsible for the supervision of any child withdrawn from RE, unless the child is lawfully receiving religious education elsewhere. Parents do not need to explain their reasons for seeking withdrawal.

If a parent is wishing to withdraw their child from RE it is kindly requested that they contact the Headteacher directly.  It is helpful to know the religious issues about which the parent would object to their child being taught and the practical implications of withdrawal.