Mission Statement


As a Church of England School our ethos is underpinned by Christian values and principles.  Our mission statement provides the direction of the school, demonstrating our commitment to high quality education and the nurturing of the child.


  • A school in which pupils feel safe, secure and valued.
  • A school which delivers teaching of the highest quality, that motivates, stimulates and challenges pupils, taking into account their individual needs.
  • A school with an effective staff who are constantly seeking to improve their own skills and share good practice in order to further raise pupils' attainment.
  • A school which provides a meaningful and personalised curriculum and which provides pupils with the knowledge and skills to ensure lifelong learning.
  • A school which provides a curriculum offering equality of opportunity to all whilst stretching the gifted and talented and supporting those who experience a barrier to learning.
  • A school which actively promotes the spiritual development of its pupils but also the Social, Moral, Cultural development of its pupils so they are able to make a positive contribution to society.
  • A school which promotes the physical, mental and emotional health of the child.
  • A school in which pupils grow and flourish and where they enjoy being part of a genuine community.