We are a fully inclusive school community that involves all stakeholders in decision making and policy development. We regard staff, parents and pupils as undertaking a joint enterprise to make learning exciting and positive for all of us. We are all members of a team working co-operatively to this end. The expertise of parents and other stakeholders is highly valued.

We do not discriminate in any way against any pupil seeking admission. Sarum Academy recognises and celebrates diversity, welcoming pupils of all faiths and none, irrespective of gender or sexuality. It is our aim to recognise all faiths and celebrate with them in building a cohesive and strong community.

Once pupils are at the school, our aim is to provide the best possible learning experiences for all; this includes giving necessary support to individuals or groups of pupils to have full access not only to the taught curriculum, but also to out of school enrichment activities and all are encouraged to participate in the wide range of experiences, clubs and sports on offer.

Pupils will be involved in reviewing their learning experiences, evaluating their progress and actively planning their learning. The Academy’s pupil voice and leadership groups include:




Terms of reference

Prefect Body

Selected pupils responsible for representing the pupil body as agents of the Academy’s values and ethos.

School Council

A democratically elected representative of the pupil body responsible for raising matters that effect the pupil body and voting on non-educational matters that directly affect the pupil body.

Ethos Group

Nominated representatives of the pupil body responsible for safeguarding the Academy’s mission statement and ethos.

Peer Mentors

Selected pupils responsible for inducting new Year 7s into the Academy community.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Selected pupils delivering an anti-bullying message to pupils.

Parent Forum

This Forum is designed to ensure that parents and carers, in conjunction with staff, can have a meaningful influence on both the operation and strategic direction of the school.