Sarum Academy recognises how important faith and belief can be as part of a young person’s developing identity, whether this relates to a specific faith or belief, or whether this relates to wider belief systems, or morals and ethics. 

Sarum Academy is committed to supporting all our young people as they develop a personal relationship with their own set of values and beliefs, and to supporting, in the context of the Human Rights agenda, the role this plays in the moral and ethical choices they make in life.

This school takes incidents of prejudice-related bullying seriously and is committed to working closely with parents/carers to create a school environment which is nurturing, friendly and supportive for all our children.  Our school has established a procedure for recording all incidents of prejudice-based bullying and this includes bullying relating to religion and belief.  This school is vigilant in maintaining an awareness of, and appropriate responses to, this possibility. Sarum Academy is aware that negative faith-based media attention can have an impact on all children, and recognises the importance of ensuring that pupils are provided with accurate and appropriate information. 

Sarum Academy ensures all pupils gain knowledge of and respect for the different faiths in Britain as part of our role to prepare pupils for modern life in a diverse Britain.  As part of a whole school activity, pupils have the chance to celebrate different religious festivals and learn from religious representatives from various communities. 

Sarum Academy recognises that discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief is a global concern, and our school actively promotes tolerance and respect.  This school commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day as a key part of its commitment to informing pupils about the consequences of intolerance.  

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